I Love You, but I Don’t Like You: A Story of Fractured Bonds and Motherly Guilt

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I am going to be brave today and share with you, my story. Why brave? Perhaps, because these will be the most honest words I will ever write. I may face scrutiny or worse still, be judged. However, I’m not … Continue reading

What’s The Deal with Consumerism?

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Consumerism; alluring us in like a moth to a dancing flame. From eye-capturing brand names to the relentless advertisement of retailed goods, there’s no escaping the unceasing demand for us to dig deep inside our pockets and SPEND, SPEND, SPEND! … Continue reading

20 Fashion Trends That Should Never Have Happened!


We’ve all been there: Looking back at old photographs of ourselves and wondering, “What the heck was I thinking?” From shell-suit shockers to lycra so tight it left little to the imagination, there’s no running away from the ever-growing fashion … Continue reading

Garage-bought Flowers and Cheap Champagne: A Story of True Love.


Paris, the city of Love. A lifetime ago – or so it seems – my husband whisked me away whimsically on a romantic whirlwind adventure. We were twenty years old and very much floating in honeymoon period bliss. Which was ironic … Continue reading

Psychoanaly-TEXT: The Psychology Behind Texting

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Most of us have experienced the following scenario; we meet that special someone, exchange digits and wait impatiently for that all important text to come through. And so begins the waiting game… Phase One: The waiting…

10 Reasons Why Alcohol is NOT My Friend!

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Throbbing headache… nausea…dehydration…a state of delirium. A life-threatening illness? No! It’s our old friend, Hangover. He’s perched upon our shoulder, whispering in an I-told-you-so, smug sort of manner, “You never learn, do you?” He’s right, we have lost count of … Continue reading