What’s The Deal with Consumerism?

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Consumerism; alluring us in like a moth to a dancing flame. From eye-capturing brand names to the relentless advertisement of retailed goods, there’s no escaping the unceasing demand for us to dig deep inside our pockets and SPEND, SPEND, SPEND! … Continue reading

20 Fashion Trends That Should Never Have Happened!


We’ve all been there: Looking back at old photographs of ourselves and wondering, “What the heck was I thinking?” From shell-suit shockers to lycra so tight it left little to the imagination, there’s no running away from the ever-growing fashion … Continue reading

Garage-bought Flowers and Cheap Champagne: A Story of True Love.


Paris, the city of Love. A lifetime ago – or so it seems – my husband whisked me away whimsically on a romantic whirlwind adventure. We were twenty years old and very much floating in honeymoon period bliss. Which was ironic … Continue reading

Psychoanaly-TEXT: The Psychology Behind Texting

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Most of us have experienced the following scenario; we meet that special someone, exchange digits and wait impatiently for that all important text to come through. And so begins the waiting game… Phase One: The waiting…

10 Reasons Why Alcohol is NOT My Friend!

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Throbbing headache… nausea…dehydration…a state of delirium. A life-threatening illness? No! It’s our old friend, Hangover. He’s perched upon our shoulder, whispering in an I-told-you-so, smug sort of manner, “You never learn, do you?” He’s right, we have lost count of … Continue reading

7000 Followers! 8000 Followers!… Oh, What The Heck Does It Matter?

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At last, I have awoken from my chocolate-induced slumber! I thought I’d better, I didn’t want you guys worrying about me! *Coughs* Oh, what’s that? You hadn’t even realised I’d gone? So, what’s going on in Amanda’s world, and where … Continue reading

A New Year, A New beginning… And A Bag Full of Resolutions I’ll Break Before February!

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A new year is upon us and what better way of starting afresh than waking up with an almighty hangover! The New Year’s Eve party was a hit…we think? Our memories are a little hazy. But boy do we feel … Continue reading

10 Things I Hate About Christmas.

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Christmas, a time for giving, sharing and togetherness. A magical time filled with joyful carols, children’s laughter and jiggling sleigh bells. But Christmas isn’t all carol singing and shiny red noses. Although it’s the season to be jolly, Christmas doesn’t … Continue reading