How To Lose A Girl In 10 Ways: A Book Review & Interview

sean book

How to lose a girl in 10 ways, written by self-confessed ‘woeful womaniser’ Sean Smithson. This book breaks all the Mills and Boon’ Clichés as he brings us dating in the 21st Century. Okay, when I say dating I actually mean … Continue reading

4000 followers and an adiós to the neighbours from hell


It’s time to dust off those party pants, drag those speakers from out of the attic, and release those helium balloons. It’s a cause for double celebrations, that’s right, I said DOUBLE! It has been long anticipated but I can … Continue reading

Hollywood Lost Lives: Life In The Fast Lane


Hollywood, a place where dreams are made. A magical land of names in lights, white-tooth smiles and billboard-poster faces. In Hollywood, no mountain is too tall, sky too high or valley too deep. Surrounded by seas of adoring fans, mountains … Continue reading

A Day Trip To The Botox Clinic: The New Normality?


When my friend asked me to accompany her on her first ever Botox session, inquisition took over and I eagerly agreed. I have always been curious about the concept of Anti-ageing. I say concept, because of course, there is no … Continue reading

Let’s Blog And Roll: A Blogging Guide By The Non-professional.

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Terrible post title, hey? But it got your attention, right? Which brings me to rule number one…. As the number of my followers expands, more and more people have asked me; how do you do it? What’s the big secret? Unfortunately, … Continue reading

2000 Followers… and a Twitter Account.


It’s time to crank up the music, let those streamers fall and pour that imaginary Champagne! I’m celebrating another WordPress milestone – the big 2000 followers! Yes, I’m a little late *looks guilty* However, I’m here now, with enough imaginary … Continue reading

10 Things I Hate About Facebook


How many times have we said “That’s it, I’ve had enough of you Facebook. I can’t tolerate you anymore. You’ve got to go!”  Only, as we hover over the deactivate button, we can’t quite bring ourselves to press it? Facebook … Continue reading